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By definition, close-up magic is a magic performance, where the acts are done a few centimeters from the audience. Thus, this approach breaks the distance between the magician and the spectators, in order to create a real bond. The atmosphere is friendly, the goal being for the spectators to all have a good time.

The magician close-up moves from table to table during a meal, or from group to group during a cocktail. Visual effects are produced before the eyes of the spectators, with cards, coins, ropes or even scarves as accessories.

We have therefore innovated in terms of presentation and performance and now we have the possibility of doing this experience in your living room. Come meet me with a new live dating media window.

Consider involving your family, your work team or just a group of friends. Take a seat and send me the date and time and we can plan the activity together.
Who is feeling lucky ?

Le magicien de Close-Up passe de table en table lors d’un repas ou de groupe en groupe lors d’un cocktail. Des effets visuels sont produits sous les yeux des spectateurs avec, comme accessoires, des cartes, pièces, cordes ou encore des foulards.

Nous avons donc innové en termes de présentation. Nous avons maintenant la possibilité de faire cette expérience dans votre salon. Venez me rejoindre avec une nouvelle fenêtre médiatique de rencontre en direct.

Vous songez à faire participer votre famille, votre équipe de travail ou tout simplement un groupe d’amis. Prenez place et transmettez-moi la date et l’heure et nous pourrons planifier ensemble l’activité.
À qui la chance ?

Mike Mcberman

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HUE dans le monde de la magie
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October 30, 2020

The English version of this blog post follows the French.
La technologie et les arts visuels sont de mise…


About this Event

A magical evening with the pleasure of meeting and being amazed by magicians live and with your participation.


Close up magic has almost none of the advantages of stage magic.
A close up magician will usually have no assistant, and they will be operating in a variety of extremely uncontrolled locations.
This fact is why close up magicians must have more careful skills and dexterity than most stage magicians.

90 minutes of magical moment

Magic Got Talent
English presentation - interactive
Présentation en français - spectacle interactif

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